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Our Financial Security
There are a number of advantages to joining the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Federal Credit Union:

  1. They are member owned and operated.
  2. They charge less for loans and pay for more savings than other types of financial institutions.
  3. They are not-for-profit institutions. Earnings on loans or investments are returned to members in the form of better service, lower rates on loans and better rates on savings.
  4. Low cost, convenient loans are made to members for provident and productive purposes. All loans are granted by a committee of fellow members who place the character of the borrowing member as the first consideration.
  5. They give members a chance to share in decisions affecting the credit union. Something no other financial institution offers. Members elect their own Board of Directors and also volunteer to serve on loan approval, supervisory and other operational committees.
  6. A credit union seeks to be of direct personal assistance to all of its members in their financial affairs.
  7. Each membership affords the opportunity to provide financial assistance and services to significant others (Omegas, wives, and families).

Consider joining OPPFFCU today!

Our Advantage
Direct Personal Assistance 100%
Security 100%
Excellent Service 100%
Low Cost Loans 90%